- Model EM 30 LGX - Particulate Monitor



Featuring FilterSense’s virtually maintenance-free particulate flow sensing technology, the EM 30LGX is the process industries most reliable baghouse monitor, filter leak detector and cyclone overflow detector. It is also easy to operate.

Simply apply power and begin assessing filter condition. For alarm setup the display provides both a logarithmic analog bar graph and an absolute digital readout. The log scale enables simultaneous observation of baseline readings and high dynamic peaks caused by filter cleaning cycles which is essential to set alarms. The digital read out in absolute units ensures correct interpretation of the readings and provides accurate historical comparisons without having to normalize data based on sensitivity or automatic gain settings. Outputs include dual relays and a 4-20mA for PLC connection.

The EM 30LGX meets EPA MACT leak detection regulations when configured accordingly. For automatic calibration checks, advanced filter leak analysis/locating systems and particulate CEMs, refer to other FilterSense models.

  • Advanced Induction-Sensing
  • Ultra Reliable Protected-Probe
  • Detect Leaks Before Visible Emissions
  • Prevent the Escape of Valuable Powders
  • Protect Downstream Equipment
  • Superior to Traditional Triboelectric

The EM 30LGX employs a field-proven combination of charge induction and protected-probe technologies invented by FilterSense. As particles flow near and around the probe, a minute current is induced. A DSP processes the signal into an absolute output relative to particulate flow. A protective layer over the probe works in combination with induction sensing to ensure reliable operation with conductive particulate, moist powders, corrosive gases and particulate buildup.

Maintenance is minimal and there is no need for an air purge. For durability, the sensors are passive and free of electronics.

For safe, easy access and to facilitate EPA QA checks, the control unit and electronics are remote.

  • Baghouse Filter Leak Detection
  • Cartridge Dust Collector Monitoring
  • Cyclone Overflow Detection

Control Unit

  • Power supply: 115/230VAC 50/60Hz Std (6 Watts max) 24VDC Opt
  • Resolution (Range): 5.0pA (0 to 5000pA) Std 0.5pA (0 to 5000.0pA) Opt
  • Outputs: 2 Relay (SPST 5A@240VAC) Std 1 Isolated 4-20mA Opt
  • Enclosure: NEMA 4X Aluminum Std Other Opt
  • Temperature: -13F (-25C) to 160F (70C)
  • User Interface: LCD with digital, analog & text display, 4 button membrane keypad
  • Area Classification: Ordinary locations (CE Approved) Std
  • Ordinary locations (CSA Approved for use with Class I, II, III sensor) Opt
  • General: Circuit boards conformal coated for long life in harsh environments


  • Housing: NEMA 4X Aluminum Std
  • Probe Lengths: 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 36' (Approximately 1/2 duct/pipe I.D.)
  • Extended nipples & rope sensors for large multicompartment baghouses
  • Mounting: NPT, Tri-Clamp or Flange
  • Wetted Materials: 316SS and Teflon or Ceramic Std Hastelloy Opt
  • Process Temperature: -40F (-40C) to 250F (120C) Std 450F (232C) Opt 800-1600F Opt
  • Process Pressure: 10PSI (0.69bar) Std, 100PSI (6.9bar) Opt, 1000PSI (69bar) Opt
  • Sensor Cable: 300’ (100m) Max
  • Area Classification: Ordinary locations (CE Approved) Std
  • Class I, II, III, Div I, II, All Groups (Intrinsically Safe, CSA Approved) Opt
  • General: No special alignment, not affected by normal vibration

Application Range

  • Particulate: Any type >0.3 micron - Conductive, non-conductive, moist, corrosive
  • Minimum Detection Level: With 5.0pA resolution - Approx. 5-10mg/m3 (standard leak detection)
  • With 0.5pA resolution - Approx. 0.5mg/m3 (monitoring & analysis)

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