Filtrexx International, LLC

- Storm Water Filtration, Soil Erosion & Storm Water Reduction


Why do we use compost and composted materials? Because Nature Can Do What Man Cannot. Filtrexx International is dedicated to using only natural, biobased materials like compost in all of its technologies.  Filtrexx has developed these materials for storm water filtration, soil erosion and storm water reduction, and vegetation establishment and sustainability applications.


Filtrexx FilterMedia has been extensively researched and developed to provide optimum filtration of sediment (TS, TSS, and Turbidity), hydrocarbons (oil, diesel fuel, gasoline) nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus), bacteria (total coliform, fecal coliform, E. coli.), and heavy metals (Cd, Cr, Cu, Fe, Ni, Pb, Zn).

Filtrexx GrowingMedia is specifically designed for fast plant establishment, plant sustainability, soil erosion control, and storm water reduction; utilizing only natural, organic, slow release nutrients, minerals, and beneficial bacteria and fungi. We can customize media for any environmental, agricultural, landscape, or garden application.

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