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- Piezometric PVC Pipes



FIMAP-DMW PVC pipes and filters are recognized and highly regarded by the majority of operators in the sector as satisfying any requirement made by companies specializing in water wells. The use of high quality raw materials and rigorous testing during the production phase ensure that sanitation and technical regulations of most industrial countries are conformed with. In particular, threading and micro-slotting conform to DIN 4925, or to specific customer requiremen.

FIMAP-DMW PVC pipes guarantee:

  • resistance to mould corrosion, sea water, dilute acid and alkaline solutions, stray currents.
  • no scaling.
  • long-term effectiveness.
  • msmoother internal wallsguarantee greater hydraulic conductivity along the same diameter as compared to iron pipes.
  • simple connectors:male/female threads according to the Customer's requirement, with the possibility of inserting an O-ring rubber grommet.
  • easeof transport and fitting.

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