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- Model StikPlus - Additive System


FINN StikPlus is a combination of FINN HydroStik and FINN FiberPlus; specially blended to provide both physical bonding of fibers and organic tackifier characteristics. StikPlus works great with any hydraulic mulch fiber material and disperses thoroughly in water. StikPlus uses the glue-like bonding of HydroStik along with the mechanical bonding FiberPlus to help thicken and hold fiber mulch in place even on the steepest of slopes. When added to fiber mulch, StikPlus creates a stabilized fiber matrix material at a fraction of the cost compared to other spray-on erosion control products. StikPlus can be metered in with existing mulch material at rates appropriate for the specific job site conditions giving you a fluffy mulch mat which allows oxygen and moisture to reach the soil, along with slow degradation providing long lasting stabilization. FINN StikPlus is an excellent high performance tackifier and the key ingredient in creating a stabilized fiber matrix.

Fiber Mulch Tacking Normal Slopes: 30 LBS. per acre

Fiber Mulch Tacking Moderate Slopes: 90 LBS. per acre

Fiber Mulch Tacking Severe Slopes: 120 LBS. per acre

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