- Medium Plant for Cable Recycling

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FIREFOX - Medium Plant for Cable Recycling

The FIREFOX cable recycling plant stands for flexibility and superior tech­nology, respected all over the world. It is a smart modular system that offers flexible solutions for your needs both today and tomorrow. It is de­signed for medium-size companies and comes in several different models, depending on your required capacity.

The smallest plant in this series, called FIREFOX A, offers an average input capacity of 0.38 t/h, whereas the biggest configuration can deliver approx. 1.7 t/h. This huge range is achieved by adding a rough chopper, a storage bin and one or more extra granulators.

So with FIREFOX you can always grow in capacity - and profitability - as time goes and your business keeps growing.

The perfect answer to your recycling needs.

Redoma Recycling AB
Redoma Recycling AB
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