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Firestone EPDM Modular Roofing System



As a crucial element of any building, and especially in the case of modular buildings, the type of roofing used must allow for optimum construction efficiency. That’s why at Stephens Industries we are sole fabricators and distributors of the superior Firestone EPDM Modular Roofing System.

With a tradition of manufacturing quality rubber products, the Firestone EPDM Modular Roofing System offers significant advantages over other roofing products:

  • Materials for every application, including Fire Resistant and Standard
  • Lightweight, prefabricated roofing blankets for fast and easy installation
  • Ability to install either in a factory or on site
  • Superior resistance to weather, giving outstanding longevity
  • Over 300% elongation, resulting in a membrane that will move with the building without cracking and leaking

In addition to the numerous benefits of Firestone EPDM, the system further benefits from the comprehensive range of tools and accessories used in conjunction with the EPDM blanket. With everything from water based deck adhesive, to pre-fabricated pipe sleeves, the range of accessories manufactured by Firestone ensure that installations are quick and easy; resulting in owner satisfaction and a roof that can be expected to be leak free in excess of 40 years.

With its superior durability, quick and easy installation, high flexibility and low life-cycle cost, it’s no wonder that more and more customers are turning to Stephens Industries for their roofing needs.


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