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Fixed Bed Systems



In the field of biological waste water treatment two major systems are available. The different processes are activated sludge systems and biofilm systems. In case of activated sludge systems the sludge settles after the treatment process and the treated water can be discharged. At biofilm systems settles on the surfaces of the bed material and does the waste water treatment. The advantage of biofilm systems is the independence of the residual time of biomass from hydraulic retention time. The recirculation of biomass in the system is not necessary and only surplus biomass will be washed out of the system. Biofilm systems are used for slowly biodegradable substances or in case of limited space for erection of plants.

As reasonable and powerful alternative we us submerged fixed beds. We use different types of material from different vendors and assamble the parts to a complete running system. The discharge of sludge is achieved by lamella separators. Following advantages are provided:

  • high performance and easy operation

  • lower space required in comparison to sludge systems

  • high process stability and adaption to waste water because of settling biomass (biofilm system)

  • no loss of biomass in case of peak loads  

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