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Flanged Bursting Discs


Flanged bursting discs (flanged rupture disks) are the perfect solution when it comes to securing pressurized systems. They stand out particularly due to their low space requirements and fully metallic sealing faces. Flanged bursting discs (flanged rupture disks) are used, for example, in valves and protect containers and systems if the overpressure is excessive: In case of a failure, the bursting disc (rupture disk) ruptures at the designated pressure, the medium can escape in a controlled manner, and containers and systems remain undamaged.

We employ utmost precision and care in our production process. The use of extremely thin foils enables us to produce bursting discs (rupture disks) with low pressures from 10 bar – perfect for low-pressure applications.

By subjecting all our bursting discs (rupture disks) to regular inspection, we ensure the correct material thickness of the foil and guarantee the required bursting pressure.

Flanged bursting discs (flanged rupture disks) in small nominal widths are a specialty of Berstscheiben Schlesinger GmbH. We provide them to our customers in both small and mass production quantities in a wide range of different materials, pressures, and dimensions. According your specific application, you can choose from brass, copper, nickel, stainless steel and aluminum materials and dimensions between 7 and 21 millimeters. That enables us to produce the perfect bursting disc (rupture disk) for almost any type of coupling. We can also provide the matching coupling.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • individual product specification with regard to material, pressure and dimensions
  • low space requirements during installation
  • high tightness of bursting disk and coupling
  • exact testing methods for guaranteed bursting pressure

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