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- Model 64 - Resistivity/IP System


FlashRES-64 is fast and has 61 channels. It has the ability to acquire multiple data arrays in a single run, and the capacity to collect over 62k data points within an hour.

  • FlashRES-64 is versatile. Besides surface survey, it also specialises in cross-hole, surface-points-points, surface-borehole, and 3D surveys. 
  • FlashRES-64 yields quality results. The sheer amount of data it can collect and 2.5D inversion software enable the accuracy and precision of the final inversion result. 
  • FlashRES-64 offers superior usability in the field. It is durable, easy to carry, and displays full waveform.

  • Measurement variables Resistivity, IP and SP
  • Full waveform recording Data quality and errors are displayed and recorded
  • Software User friendly acquisition, processing and inversion software
  • Measurement range From -10V to +10V
  • Output current Up to 3A
  • Output voltages 50V, 120V or 350 (100Vp-p, 240Vp-p, 700Vp-p)
  • Output power 250W
  • Input channels 61 channels
  • Input impedance >80x10^6 Ohm.m
  • SP compensation Automatic cancellation
  • Resistivity cycle times Variable, from 0.1S to 10S
  • Noise suppression Better than 100 dB, including powerline noise suppression
  • Data storage Available
  • Data transmission USB interface
  • Automatic multi-electrodes Yes
  • Power supply External 12V battery
  • Operating temperature -10 to +50°C

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