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Flat Plate Collectors


The unique concept of a black-chrome plated core, high heat-collecting, low heat loss, absorptive system with a low emission that makes your perfect choice for hot water.Laser and ultrasonic welding equipment, used to carry out exact spot welding,that enables the unit to be of low a heat resistance nature.The adoption of PPG ultra white, woven, tempered glass covering plate, with a very high transmittance of heat equally of over the hot water collector.The system as oxygen-free copper pipes of high purity, it is anticorrosion, pressurized, of long life time of the system .An integrated built in frame with back plate that gives the collector a very slim profile

  1. silica gel draught excluder strip
  2. high absorptivity coating
  3. absolute metallic core
  4. glass wool insulating layer
  5. airtight rubber pad
  6. emboss aluminum backplane
  7. luminum alloy trim strip
  8. aluminum alloy frame
  9. woven tempered glass

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