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Fleuren & Nooijen is specialised in designing and constructing recirculation systems. In these culture systems the culture water is purified and re-used, which results in an enormous saving of water and energy

Fleuren & Nooijen recirculation systems are constructed using sustainable materials, such as polyester, stainless steel, PVC, polypropylene etc., which have a very long lifespan. More important, our recirculation systems are designed in such a way that the system is surveyable and easy to manage, and perform exactly as predicted.

Fleuren & Nooijen is capable of designing recirculation systems to the specific needs of the customer. In this way each system is unique!

In a recirculation system the culture water is purified and re-used continuously. A recirculation system is an almost completely closed circuit. The produced waste products; non soluble waste, ammonium en CO2, are either removed or converted into non-toxic products by the system components. The purified water is subsequently, saturated with oxygen, returned to the fish tanks.

By recirculating the culture water, the water and energy requirements are limited to an absolute minimum. It is however not possible to design a recirculation system as a fully closed system. The non-degradable waste products must be removed and evaporated water must be replaced. Still our recirculation systems are capable of reusing 90% or more of the culture water.

To ensure good water purification, Fleuren & Nooijen recirculation systems consist of a number of components with specific functions. The fish culture system must be able to:

  • Remove solid particles (waste, spilled feed)
  • Remove dissolved organic matter
  • Convert ammonium into the less harmful nitrate
  • Remove CO2 and add O2

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