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Our Diffused Aeration Systems employ our Flexcap Coarse Bubble Diffuser technology to make wastewater treatment processing run more efficiently. Flexcap Diffused Aeration Systems are designed for aerator units capable of handling huge capacities. Each system implements high-efficiency technologies that use the least amount of energy while still achieving the desired optimal results.

MPI Custom Aeration Treatment Systems

Aeration systems consume approximately 50 to 65% of net power demand in typical activated sludge wastewater treatment plants. We believe it is essential that aeration system designers be accountable for selecting a system that will meet the mixing and oxygen requirements for your processing demands at the lowest costs possible.

Each MPI Flexcap Diffused Aeration System is specifically designed to meet the needs of the treatment plant in which it will be installed. To achieve and maintain your plant’s specific needs, we analyze your facility’s parameters and design a diffused aeration system that is optimized for your mixing and aeration requirements. For many applications, the Flexcap Diffused Aeration System is also designed to be maintenance-free, thus reducing additional operating cost expenditures.

  • Custom, Integrated, and Engineered Systems
    • Deliver specific aeration and DO
    • Integrate blowers, enclosures, air supply manifolds, connection flanges, isolation valves, distribution headers and pipe supports.
  • Factory Fabricated
    • Use consistent manufacturing best practices and fixtures
  • Quality Materials
    • Stainless Steel
    • Schedule 80 PVC

Whether you have a circular or rectangular tank, the MPI aeration system we build for you will be configured to provide processing efficiency, enduring air flow performance and economical operation with no maintenance required.

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