RECIPNEU - Empresa Nacional de Reciclagem de Pneus, Lda.

- Cryogenic Rubber Granulate


RECIPNEU developed FLEXYGRAN, a distinctive product to be applied on the surface of horse arenas, riding schools, tracks and others facilities used for equestrian sports.

When a sand surface receives a 5-cm layer of FLEXYGRAN, which is spread manually or mechanically and mixed with the sand by the horses, excellent results are obtained, both in terms of elasticity and of the ground surface’s anti-shock and anti-compacting effects. It provides greater comfort while reducing the risk of injury to horses.

Cryogenic granulate specific characteristics are all kept intact in FLEXYGRAN, namely no odor emissions, being highly recommended for indoor riding schools.

FLEXYGRAN, along with the cryogenic granulate, contains moisture-fixing absorbent additives, whose effect results in much less dust and a 30% decrease in watering (a significant cost saving).

FLEXYGRAN provides improved surface elasticity, less injury risk, increased drainage capacity, as the sand does not become compact.

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