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Andel’s FLOODLINE MULTI-ZONE CONTROL PANEL operates the network of leak detection zones, which can be 4, 8, 16 or 32 zones. A zone can be a single point or can run for many metres with the whole network being continuously monitored for leaks and continuity.

Zones are electrically isolated from each other and individually displayed so the system can accept and report any number of simultaneous zone alarms, for true multiple leak reporting. An active alarm in one zone has no effect on the rest of the system, allowing the system to continue to provide full monitoring functionality.

LED displays provide clear and easy-to-understand status and alarm information. Output relays are provided for connection to remote alarm or to central BMS monitoring. Leak detection is shown clearly as LEAK. Sensor or cable damage or failure is shown as SYSTEM FAULT.

Water leak detection, oil leak detection, liquid leak detection (including volatile liquids), refrigerant gas leak detection, monitoring of temperature and humidity

Zone capacity: 
4, 8, 16 or 32

110/230 VAC, 50/60Hz mains operated, 25Watts (32 zones 50watts), 12VDC internal and battery backup

Powder coated steel enclosure

H292 x W285 x D90 mm (4,8 and16 zones) or H360 x W455 x D130 mm (32 zones)

Wall or surface mounted with a range of fittings

WATER, LIQUID and REFRIGERANT GAS LEAK DETECTION as well as TEMPARATURE and HUMIDITY with each zone reporting separately and SYSTEM FAULT for sensor or cable damage, system failure or disconnection

Alarm indicators: 
Flashing LED display for LEAK DETECTION and SYSTEM FAULT. All alarms are displayed separately and continuously until corrected and reset. There is an audible alarm.

Status indicators: 
Mains power supply, battery operation, internal 12VDC supply, low battery, alarm accept (mute)

Mute (buzzer silence/alarm accept) button, security key-switch output disable/reset


  1. LEAK in any zone - DPCO relay (5A @ 230VAC)
  2. SYSTEM FAULT in any zone - SPCO relay (5A @ 230VAC)
  3. Complete power fail - SPCO relay (5A @ 230VAC)
  4. LEAK in each individual zone - SPCO relay - optional (1A @ 30VDC)

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