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- Model C7E - Decanter Centrifuge for Wastewater and Sewage Sludge



Worldwide, Flottweg C series decanters around the world process 25 million liters of sewage sludge per hour. That's just about the volume of 165,000 bathtubs - every hour! The dewatering and thickening of sewage sludge plays a decisive role in the wastewater treatment process. Requirements for the quality and efficiency of sewage treatment plants increase year after year, not least driven by the increasing costs of energy and disposal. As a result, the state of the art is now to use decanter centrifuges to dewater and/or thicken the incoming sludge. Flottweg developed the decanters of the C series especially for this purpose. The C7E represents the largest of all the C machines. The C7E increases the proportion of dry substance in the sludge, thereby reducing its volume and weight (due to loss of water). That means that operators need to dispose of, recycle, or burn less sludge. The result: enormous potential savings for the operators of sewage treatment plants.

The Flottweg C7E: High Quality, Efficiency, and Long Service Life

The C7E conveys up to 120 cubic meters per hour of sewage sludge for dewatering. For thickening, it can manage up to 160 cubic meters of sludge per hour. Excellent separation performance, an optimum price/performance ratio, and outstanding efficiency are convincing arguments for any sewage treatment plant operator.

The Flottweg Recuvane® System: Choose The Lowest Energy Consumption

The lion's share of electric power is required to accelerate the separation medium. After separation, the liquid (centrate) exits the system, leaving the rotational energy unused. The Flottweg Recuvane® System allows customers to recover part of that rotational energy. A carefully designed centrate discharge supports the main drive, leading directly to a reduction in electrical power consumption of about 20 percent. The greatest possible efficiency = great customer satisfaction.

Advantages Of The C Series: The C7E For The Thickening and Dewatering of Sewage Sludge

  • Flottweg Touch Control makes operation easy and control user-friendly
  • Minimal supervision needs thanks to automated 24/7 operation
  • Optimized wear protection package and the highest-quality stainless steels (rust- and acid-resistant) increase the service life of the decanter centrifuge
  • Greater sedimentation volumes (due to the deep pond and steep cone) permits a higher power density (by 10 - 20 percent) in less space
  • Reduced flocculant consumption ensures reduced operating costs
  • The Flottweg Recuvane® System permits energy savings of about 20 percent
  • No health risk for system personnel (no aerosol pollution and no escaping contamination or odors due to closed system)
  • The Simp Drive® continuously provides the best possible separation results due to its automatic and independent regulation of the bowl and differential speeds
  • The maintenance-friendly, easy-access design of the C series ensures minimum downtime

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