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The Flottweg OSE Decanter. Optimal Sludge Dewatering of Primary and Excess Sludge; The decomposition process in a sewage treatment facility continually generates biological sludge. To ensure a stable decomposition process in the biological cleaning stage, this biological sludge must be removed. The removed biological sludge is called surplus activated sludge in further process steps, and it is subsequently transported into a digester. To make optimum use of the digestion space in the digester, the surplus sludge must be thickened from its initial 0.5 to 1 percent total dry solids (5-10 grams per liter) to 6 to 8 percent dry solids, depending on the pump capacity. Flottweg OSE Decanters also permit the constant, smooth feeding of the digester, using solid regulation in the thickened sludge. A set point of 7 percent, for example, can be maintained constant to ± 0.1 percent.

Decanter centrifuges for use in sewage treatment plants

An OSE Decanter is specifically designed and adapted to the thickening of sludge. This decanter centrifuge therefore has significantly better separation qualities than other decanter centrifuges. In addition to a constant thickened sludge concentration, its low polymer consumption of one or two grams per kilogram of dry solids relieves the burden of ongoing operating costs. Since the desired sludge concentration is very low in comparison with complete dewatering, operators can get by with a very low main speed. The result is a significant reduction in electrical power consumption.

The Flottweg OSE Decanter supports optimum digestion and gas yield while simultaneously using as little space as possible and reducing operating costs. In comparison with other systems for the thickening of sewage sludge, there are also other advantages.

  • Continuously provides the best possible separation results due to its automatic and independent regulation of the bowl and differential speeds (Simp Drive)
  • Minimum downtime thanks to the maintenance-friendly, easy-access design of the C series
  • Energy savings of about 20 percent using the Flottweg Recuvane System
  • No health risk for system personnel (no aerosol pollution and no escaping contamination or odors due to closed system)
  • Simple operation and user-friendly controls with the Flottweg Touch Control
  • Automatic 24/7 hour operation, with minimal supervision needs
  • Highest possible service life due to the use of optimized wear protection measures and high-quality stainless steel (rust- and acid-resistant)
  • Greater sedimentation volumes (due to the deep pond and steep cone) permits a higher power density (by 10 - 20 percent) in less space
  • Reduction in operating costs due to reduced flocculant consumption

More than 50 years of experience in the area of thickening sewage sludge are a solid basis for the Flottweg OSE Decanter. The OSE Decanter is attractive for its reliability, high cost-effectiveness, and minimum maintenance overhead. These decanter centrifuges cover a throughput range from about 10 to over 250 cubic meters per hour.

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