- Air Flow Calibrator


The Flow Detective™ is an easy to use all-in-one airflow calibrator that is suitable for all types of air sampling pumps and other applications for flows up to 5L/min. It is a rugged, compact lab or field portable calibrator which removes the need to purchase multiple flowmeters. This minimizes set up prior to undertaking calibrations, and saves on purchasing costs and valuable time to undertake pump calibrations. Air sampling pump calibration is critical in verifying the precise measurement of exposure. Without this, it is impossible to accurately determine the sample volume and calculate the accurate concentration of any airborne contaminants. The Flow Detective™ calibrator is the reliable solution to minimize measurement errors and helps ensure ISO 13137 compliance for air sampling measurements. It calibrates any air sampling pump within airflows 20mL/min (Plus model) to 5,000 mL/min, to ensure correct flow with automated traceable measurements in order to reduce errors.


Wirelessly Send Data

The calibrator allows transmission of data via the email client on your mobile devices. When used with the Casella Apex2 pump, closed loop calibration can be achieved so nothing has to be set manually on the pump. This saves valuable time and eliminates the potential for errors. Gathered calibration data for any air sampling pump can be sent via the Airwave app directly to user Email inboxes. This ensures compliance with international standards and traceability. 

First Pulsation Detection

As pumps generally use a moving diaphragm, this creates fluctuations in the flow rate on a pump. As sampling heads like cyclones rely on a steady flow to maintain a specific size cut, it is important for pulsation to be as small as possible. The Flow Detective™ displays a red indicator if pulsation is above 10%.

Ease of Use

The flowmeter averages flow readings and the easy to read display shows the average flow data during the calibration period. 

The Flow Detective™ pump calibration procedure saves significant time compared to other electronic or traditional bubble flow meter calibration methods. The 70 hour Flow Detective™ battery life means you are ready to go without the need to recharge every few days.


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