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The ARAD Hydrometer is a combination of components in a single unit; a water meter and an electrically activated double-chambered irrigation valve. This unit is typically used as a combination Flow Meter and Master Valve when installed as a component of the (ICC) IRRInet Control Center. The hydrometer is capable of transmitting a “dry contact” closure, or pulse to the IRRInet Family of controllers. This pulse is then used to calculate the actual volume of water passing through the valve. The impeller drives the register via a dry magnetic coupling which allows only the impeller to come into contact with the water. The register is hermetically sealed within a stainless steel capsule with a hardened glass lens. The register also includes a totalizer and a rotating leak detector.

The hydrometer is available in 1 1⁄2”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 6” and 8”. When specifying or ordering the valve it is necessary to select either a standard 24 VAC solenoid, or an optional 24 VDC latching solenoid. Standard pulse rates are 1 pulse per 10 gallons metered, unless specified otherwise.

When installing this valve as part of the ICC system, it is recommended that the valve be installed with 2 pairs (a total of 4) wires from the hydrometer to the controller.

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