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Flow Monitoring System


A very popular application for the AgSense Crop Link device is the monitor and control of irrigation pumps.  Through the WagNet user page, the customer can view current status of the pumps and turn them on or off with the click of a button.  This allows the user who is also monitoring and controlling the pivot with a Field Commander to remotely convert from “wet” to “dry” without having to make a trip to the field.

The same Crop Link can also monitor flow meters and pressure, and record the history.  This is a simple and efficient way to monitor and report water usage, particularly in districts that ration the amount of water the irrigator can pump during the season.

The Crop Link can be easily programmed to send text message alerts to the customer notifying them of events such as high or low pressure, flow fluctuations, or loss of power.  Irrigation system problems can be dealt with as they occur, rather than several hours or even days later.

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