Flow Water Technologies Ltd

Flow Water Technologies Ltd

- Enigma Lime Scale Management System

Flowwater Enigma lime scale management system is designed to deal with the various problems a water system faces.

Limescale Build Up

  • Saves energy loss in cooling systems
  • Reduces expensive energy loss
  • Extends service life and reduces fouling

Bio-Film Formation

  • Reduces the risk of legionella
  • Reduces energy consumption in circulation systems
  • Can prevent bio-film in fuel lines as a result of poor quality fuel


  • Reduces corrosion by reducing deposits
  • Reduces chlorine consumption and stabilizes pH levels in recreational pool water and spas

Deposit fouling

  • Keeps surfaces clean on heat exchangers
  • Keeps cooling pipe work free from deposits
  • Increased efficiency of waste water treatment systems
  • Eliminates & prevents fouling in scrubber treatment systems

Enigma Features & Benefits

  • Longer life for capital equipment
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Large energy and water savings
  • Protects the entire water system
  • Reduces need for chemicals
  • Reduces bacteria levels
  • Water quality maintained
  • Easy to install and relocate
  • Any pipe diameter or material
  • Able to treat multiple pipes

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