Pyrolitic Static Incinerators



These are pyrolitic static incinerators (furnaces), with static incineration chamber and separated post combustion chamber (P.B.), which can be mounted either vertically (PSV type, mounted on the furnace itself) or horizontally (PSO - mounted in line with the furnace). 

These furnaces are small and medium inner volume furnaces, with 'bach' loading through the front door either manual or automatic by means of a piston loader; similarly they can be fitted with manual ash discharge or automatic ash discharge.

These furnaces are suited to burn indifferently municipal waste RSU ('trash' or 'garbage'), hospital waste both pathologic type or normal (ROT) , contained in cardboard boxes or plastic drums, as well slaughtering bulk waste and organic liquids, animal meals, biologic sludges and others refused materials even if with high caloric value (PCI).  

They are normally utilized by hospitals, small towns and small municipal consortia.  

If required, they can be coupled to a standard flue gas cleaning plant model AFS, and in this case the emissions are conform to CEE norms.  
They are available in nr.11 models with increasing internal volume and capacity starting from 500lt (smallest unit) to 8000 lt inner volume and capacities ranging from 50Kg/h up to 600Kg/h (PS800).  

The design has to be performed only through our technical staff and the graph attached is reported only for a preliminary evaluation.

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