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Combining Function and Form to Provide Energy-Efficient Aeration of Residential and Commercial Ponds. The AuraAER solar-powered floating fountains provide an environmentally friendly solution to distribute oxygen, reduce odors, control algae formations, protect against fish kill, and aid in the natural cleansing process of freshwater ponds, all while adding aesthetic appeal to lagoons and lakes.

Designed for smaller bodies of water, the AuraAER fits well in residential and commercial ponds as it requires only 30 inches of water depth. It is easy to install and comes completely assembled with four different spray patterns. Solar power eliminates operational costs and safety issues typically associated with conventional fountains.

The AuraAER fountain uses a solar-powered pump to spray intake water into the air. Nozzles on the fountain create different effects or patterns, each of which corresponds to the amount of aeration needed. When the water falls back onto the pond surface, oxygenated droplets mix into the water and add oxygen to the pond. The process keeps still bodies of water circulating, healthy, and odor-free. Floating fountains can be used in water features on golf courses or in public parks. They also serve as an attractive addition to residential and commercial properties.

Floating fountains may not be sufficient to solve extreme contamination problems, particularly in deep, large bodies of water or those stocked with fish. Fountains typically do not create large swathes of oxygenated water. In these cases, subsurface aeration equipment may be needed in tandem with surface aeration.

At Fluence, our applications engineers are devoted exclusively to helping treatment plant operators, consulting engineers, and contractors around the globe. With decades of industry expertise and innovative engineering, our experts can help you find the right solution for your unique aeration and mixing application.

In the case of last-minute accidents, limited budgets, or pre-purchase evaluations, we offer our clients the option to lease our units. Later, if you choose to purchase your leased machine, all leasing payments count toward purchase credit.

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