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Fluidised Aerobic Bio Reactor - Fluidised Aerobic Bio Reactor


Fluidised Aerobic Bio-Reactor (FAB) as the name indicates consists of floating media of cylindrical shapes and different sizes. As compared to conventional technologies FAB reactors are compact, energy efficient and user friendly. Basic principle: Flock forming organisms form clusters or attach to available surfaces. The FAB media provides a very large surface area ( 450 M2 per M3 volume ) which. Increases the specific volumetric capacity of activated sludge tanks. Controls biomass activity. Reduces operating cost. The clarified effluent enters into the FAB reactor, which contains the FAB media. The FAB media significantly increases the surface area for bacterial growth. Air is supplied through fine bubble diffusers. Bacteria oxidise the organic matter present in the sewage. Oxidised sewage overflows out of the FAB reactor, into the secondary settling tank.

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