Trans Environmental Systems, Inc. (TESI)

Trans Environmental Systems, Inc. (TESI)

Forklift Transportable Collector Pan


For shippers and commodity receivers that have infrequent tank car or tanker truck deliveries, this forklift movable model can provide adequate spill containment. This model comes factory-equipped with a plugged, 2″ NPT hub drain which can be customer equipped with hose connection quick-connect fittings and then hose-connected to an auxiliary “full volume” containment moat or tank. This model allows you to have spill protection anywhere along the spur track or in improvised tanker truck unloading locations. The patented, hinged lids close over the top when not in use to form a sloped roof which allows for outside storage between uses, and also avoids the collection of rainwater, snow and debris.

This 1700 lbs. unit can be quickly positioned under a tank car or tanker truck once the vehicle has been choked. When opened, you now have a protected area 10 ft. by 12 ft. and it will self-contain around 300 gallons of liquid. The FLT’s have been designed so that they can be stacked on top of each other saving storage space. Be sure to specify the size and position of your forklift truck’s tongs when ordering. Normal design is for a 3″ by 5″ tong sleeve with 30 inches between centers.

  • 10 ft. wide (left to right) and 6 ft. width across the rails when closed
  • Self-contains around 300 gallons of liquid
  • Hinged lids close over the top to avoid collection of rainwater, snow or debris
  • Hinged lids swing outward to extend the width across the rails to 12 ft.
  • Forklift tong sleeves allow for easy movement without adding fork extenders
  • Units can be made in Mild Steel/epoxy, Cor-ten, Stainless, and Aluminum
  • Poly or fiberglass lining is available
  • Pan is only 10 inches high so it can be slid under many applications
  • Weighs only 1,700 lbs. so only a light duty forklift is needed.

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