Forks with DIN Suspension



The DIN suspension is mainly used on older and special lift trucks, construction and agricultural machines. Forks are fixed to the carriage using hooks. According to the rated truck capacity the DIN standard consists of 4 classes. Dimensions are defined by DIN 15135, however, very often special dimensions are used.

  • Mainly used on older lift trucks, construction and agricultural machinery
  • Mounting is made by fork hooks slided onto the fork carrier
  • Characteristic is a 90° bevelling at the fork hook / profile of fork carrier
  • WithOptimaForkHeelfor up to triple operating life
  • Produced out of VETTER special fork steel
Norms DIN forks
  • Connection measures according to DIN 15135
  • However, very often also special dimensions are used
  • Production according to ISO 2330:
    • Minimum triple static load without permanent deformation
    • Minimum 1,000,000 stress cylcles with 25 % overload

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