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Model Formula 83 - Clearing Solvent



Safe Solvent Made Specifically to Replace Xylene & Other Xylene Substitutes in Histology Applications.

  • No toxicity, unlike xylene
  • Faster drying than xylene
  • Faster de-paraffinization
  • Shorter clearing times
  • Clearer slides than with xylene
  • Better immuno slides than with xylene
  • No hardening of tissues as with xylene
  • No badge-testing as with xylene
  • No orange smell, nor oily residue, nor sticking
  • of slides as with limonene
  • About 3-times more effective than paraffinic
  • xylene substitutes
  • About 2-times more effective than limonene

Safe and HAP-Free Solvents that Replace (Substitute for) Xylene, Toluene, dl-Limonene and other Aromatic Solvents

Xylene, Toluene, and other Aromatic Solvents can cause very serious medical problems and are classified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP)

But CBG Solvents don’t cause these medical problems and they are HAP-free

And CBG Solvents are as good or better solvents than their aromatic counterparts in almost every application, especially for polymers, resins, oils and greases – and they do not leave oily residues upon drying.

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