Forrec srl

- Model Z15 - 1000 - Hammers Mills



The hammers mills allow the grinding of heterogeneous materials and the transformation of the metal scraps in small fractions. The Forrec Hammers Mills are designed with a sturdy structure and a very fast access to the parts subject to wear and tear.

The main advantages of Forrec Hammers Mills:

  • Hydraulic opening system for the upper cover
  • Hydraulic lifting of the rotor by means of the upper cover lifting
  • Hydraulic opening for the discharge of foreign bodies
  • Screen fixed by the upper cover
  • Customizable hammers by shape, thickness, number
  • Adjustable cutting plates
  • Cutting chamber with changeable armours made of anti-wear material
  • Special anti-vibrators to reduce stresses on the machine support frame
  • Inverter for rotors revolutions control.

Overall dimensions:
3800 x 2370 x H1856 mm

Interchangeable armours

Rotor dimensions:
L1018 – Ø900 mm

Hammers thickness:
70 mm

16500 Kg

N. hammers:

200 kW / 250 kW

  • Aluminum motors
  • Pre-shredded light metals

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