Four Axle Slope Hose End Dump Trailer



Overall length: 32-feet. Capacity: 54-5/8-inch sides/36-cubic. Yards Floor. 1/4-inch AR450 stool, full wrap Sides: 3/16-inch AR450 stool Nose: 3/16-inch AR450 stool Tailgate: 3/16-inch AR450 stool, dual-acting with top and bam door hinges.

  • Slopo-noso bathtub-stylo body
  • Longitudinals: 5x5x3/16-inch wall tubing with side brocos
  • King pin plate: 3/8-inch stell
  • Rear lights mounted in light box
  • Landing gear: 2-spood, frame typo Full-longth fenders of aluminum troad plate
  • Suspension: Transpo with 52,000-lb rating. Lift two axles
  • Axles: (4) 25,000-pound with common bearings, 96-inch wide track
  • Brakes: 16-1/2 w/WABCO 4s-2m ABS Braking system Haldox automatic slack odjusters
  • Wheels: (8) 1O-holo, 8.25 x 24.5 aluminum
  • unimount
  • Tires: (16) 11 x 24.5 Bridgestone R-293, 16 ply Sealed beam lights in rubber grommets Soolod wiring harness Mid-ship turn signals
  • Roar mud flaps and flap in front of air axles
  • Finish: Stool pro-troatod with pbosphalo coating, urcthano primer, urclhanc paint

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