Stormwater 360

- Washdown Diversion System


Demand Driven Washdown Diversion System: Stormwater360’s Fox Washdown diversion system is a demand driven diversion unit that provides additional protection for the environment when no washdown is taking place. It is designed for use in areas where there is no guarantee that the wash bay will be left clean at the completion of a wash activity. Pollutants remaining on exposed areas can be dislodged by rain and carried into the stormwater network. The Fox FF600 is designed to cleanse a site by capturing the initial runoff and diverting it to suitable treatment, as it is most likely that this initial runoff will carry with it any residual pollutants that have been left on the site.

First Flush Diversion System
Stormwater360’s Fox Valve First Flush Diversion System is an effective control device for any unroofed washdown area automatically diverting wash water as well as the ‘first flush’ (if required) to sewer or treatment, whilst allowing unpolluted rain water to enter the stormwater network.

Constant Monitoring Diversion System
When your site has the potential to have stormwater run-off that has been contaminated with water soluble products such as wines, milk or chemicals entering the waterways there is a need for a Stormwater360 Fox Constant Monitoring System. The system will constantly monitor all site run-off for pollutant concentrations that exceed predetermined levels. If set levels are exceeded the system will divert to a Holding Chamber for containment. Diversion will continue until pre-set levels return and run-off will then be allowed to leave the site.

Spill Control Diversion System
The Fox Spill Control system system provides continuous protection for the site against minor or major spills of hydrocarbons that may occur. The system is ideally suited to installations such as bulk liquid storage facilities, Service Stations, refuelling areas or any site where there is a risk of hydrocarbon spills contaminating the stormwater network.

key benefits

  • Direct demand no power options
  • Target contaminants of concern; Dairy, Petrol, Oil, Wine & more
  • Easy ‘Plug and play’ installation
  • Constant monitoring systems
  • Ideal for machinery washdown areas, Marinas, Airports, Loading bays\

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