Model FPSA & FPA - Filter Press



INGOR Company can offer the most commonly used models, being the main ones:

  • Semiautomatic Filter Press
    The Semiautomatic Filter Press (FPSA) is characterized for having an Hydraulic Automatic Group, allowing to comfortably open and close the hydraulic piston, besides it guarantees a closing pressure during the whole filtration process. All cakes are discharged from the filter by means of personnel intervention.
  • Automatic filter press
    The Automatic Filter Press INGOR (FPA) incorporates to the previous model an Automatic Plate Transport System allowing to efficiently unloading the cakes without operators assistance. This Filter Press model is specially indicated for large productions and when several consecutive filtering cycles are required without personnel attendance. This way of operating demands the installation to have a programmable automatic switchboard control device.
    All the Filter Presses INGOR Company has are available in two versions allowing working at 10 and 16 bars. Besides it is possible to adjust their design to the needs of each plant and of the filtration.Therefore it is possible to install:

Recessed Chamber Filter Press and Membrane Filter Press to adapt the advantages of the equipment to the needs of the process.

Open Execution: Each plate has an independent flow path for drainage, the liquid is drained though a side chute and

Closed Execution: the filtered liquid of all the plates is gathered in an only collector.

Similarly, all INGOR filter presses can be complemented with spare accessories such as:

  • Automatic cake discharge. Device intended for shaking the plates and the cloth in order to promote the cake self-discharge. This device is exclusive meant for filters having an automatic plate movement and requiring to link several filtration cycles.
  • Drip Tray. It is placed under the filtering package formed by two stainless steel sheets that are closed during the process of filtration in order to gather the dripping from the plates. While the discharging of the cakes this device remains open enhancing the conduction towards the storage or transport element.
  • Control Panel for the automation of the filtering line, ruled by a programmable automate.
  • Safety Light Curtains, to protect operators while the closing of the hydraulic jack and the transfer process is occurring, meeting all the health and safety standards.

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