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The D-Opto Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor. Unlike conventional dissolved oxygen instruments, the D-Opto sensing element utilises fluorescence to measure dissolved oxygen. The optical method does not consume oxygen. Consequently the measurement of dissolved oxygen by the D-Opto is unaffected by water flow.

The D-Opto Sensor and D-Opto Logger dissolved oxygen instruments are based on a field proven optical technology that has been successfully used for many years. The instruments enable long term accurate monitoring of dissolved oxygen levels in streams, rivers, lakes and marine environments with minimal on-site maintenance and servicing.

D-Opto instruments are very rugged, and all feature a copper bio-fouling control ring around the sensor window.

  • The D-Opto Logger is a fully self-contained dissolved oxygen logger.
  • It incorporates the dissolved oxygen sensor, temperature sensor, battery and low-power data logger in a rugged compact and easy to deploy underwater housing.
  • The D-Opto Logger can operate for up to 3 months on a single user replaceable 9 volt battery, logging dissolved oxygen saturation (%), content (PPM) and temperature.
  • The D-Opto Logger is supplied with D-OptoLog software for deployment setup, data offload and calibration.


Dissolved Oxygen; 1% of measurement or 0.02ppm (whichever is greater)
Temperature; +/- 0.1 Deg C

DO Saturation; 0.01%
DO Content; 0.001 PPM
Temperature; 0.01 Deg C

Logger memory; Non-volatile, 10080 data records
Logged record; Time, date, DO% and DO PPM

Size; 48mm diameter x 200mm long
Depth rating; 30 meters
Bio-fouling control; Copper guard around sensor window.

Battery; 1 x 9 volt alkaline (PP9)
Battery endurance; Around 3 months at 15 minute logging interval, DO PPM, Temperature Deg C.
Software: D-OptoLog supplied at no charge


For situations where bio-fouling is extreme, the D-Opto Sensor can be fitted with the D-Opto Shutter.

The D-Opto Shutter is a mechanical device that simply attaches to the side of the D-Opto Sensor, and is controlled by the same data logger that is attached to the D-Opto Sensor.

The Shutter opens when a measurement is required, and closes between measurements so completely protects the optical sensing window from bio-fouling, sediment build up and physical damage.

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