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- Model E - Electric Lifting Platform


We have succeeded in combining functionality and high quality at a reasonable price in the “frizz” model. Opt for an ingenious electric lift. Do not settle for the usual. The model is equipped with sophisticated details, such as: automatic steering system or the active pendulum lock that helps you to get through the working day safely. We combine proven working technology with modern technology. Large batteries for 390Ah and 24V, three-phase motors, four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering are just as common in the Frizz-e as the automatic lateral and lateral slope compensation system, power recovery on downhill runs, the automatic steering system or the active swing lock.

  • two-wheel drive
  • Max. Working height to 2,70m
  • Side, automatic slope compensation – 20%
  • Active pendulum lock on the front axle
  • Electric mobile platform at the working platform
  • Folding side railing
  • Front wheel steering with 40 ° impact
  • Travel function in automatic mode
  • Safety Programs
  • Automatic differential lock
  • Negative brake on the rear axle

Basic model

  • The following components are included in the basic equipment:
  • Driving speed 4.0 km / h
  • Two-wheel drive
  • Front wheel steering with 40 ° impact
  • Batteries to 390 Ah 24V
  • Integrated, electronic charger
  • Side automatic slope compensation 20%
  • 3-phase AC motor at 24V / 3kW with encoder and temperature meter
  • Supervised cruise control on ups and downs
  • Negative brake system and second safety brake on the rear axle
  • Electricity recovery when driving downhill
  • Active pendulum lock on the front axle
  • Acoustic message on startup and transition in automatic mode
  • Acoustic warning in steep terrain
  • Automatic safety tilt lock in negative direction
  • Electrically infinitely adjustable drawers of the work platform
  • Swiveling work railings
  • Hydraulic lifting system at 2.70 m working height
  • Automatic differential lock on the rear axle
  • Driving functions in automatic mode
  • Security programs


Front forklift rear forklift chain conveyor
The front and rear stacker lift a maximum weight of 500 kg. The inclination of the rear stacker is directly connected to the inclination of the platform and thus allows easy transport of the full large box on the chain conveyor on the rear stacker, and a simple parking of the large box even on slopes.

Automatic slope compensation in the direction of travel 30%
With the automatic slope compensation in the direction of travel, the working platform in the steep slope always turns straight and you can also manually set the position of the platform on the control panel.

Automatic steering system
The automatic steering system works with ultrasonic sensors. The angles of the ultrasonic sensors can be variably adjusted. In automatic mode, this system becomes active and guarantees automatic steering in your lane.

All wheel drive
With the extension of an all-wheel drive, the front axle is also driven by a cardan shaft. This will keep you going even in difficult terrain.
Four-wheel steering and separate steering
With the four-wheel steering you have an even more effective turning radius and can, for example, comfortably from the
Change one to the other tram.
Furthermore, you can use the separate steering wheels in
let lateral slopes in the direction of the mountain peak to prevent drifting.

Drawbar including street homologation
Road homologation entitles you to tow the machine on the tractor by road. You will receive the necessary documents for street legal registration as well as:
Drawbar including freewheel system of the front wheels
Taillight set including brake pads.

Radio with CD player and USB port
The car radio has a CD player with MP3 playback and a USB port and also has a 4 X 40-Watt output.

Storage for bad fruit
This is a bracket, which is mounted on the rear bracket of the stage railing. Then you can put 3 plastic boxes each with about 40kg bad fruit.
These boxes can then be conveniently emptied into a box at the end of the line and thus
you save the reading of the fall from the ground.

Drawer extension
With the drawer extension of 30cm per side, working in wider orchards, e.g. Relieved cherries.
The spacers can be attached or removed with just a few simple steps.

Twin tires on the rear axle
To get on even in steep or very wet terrain, twin tires can be mounted on the rear axle.
This helps especially in regions where a lot of precipitation falls, to ensure a good progress and the ground pressure in
to minimize the tramline.

This is a box in which you can stow everyday small items; such as: scissors, binding material, etc.

Harvest box
Just as long as the big box is still empty, the harvest box makes it easier to place the apples in the big box.

Tire sealant
The tire sealant prevents leakage of air in coat punctures.
WARNING: The tire sealant does not replace regular tire pressure checks and natural air leakage over extended periods of time.

Chassis     frizz-e

  • Lenght of the lifting platform without the forklift 2.150 mm
  • Lenght of the lifting platform with the forklift – closed 3.150 mm
  • Width 1.300 mm
  • Overall height retected 2.350 mm
  • Wheelbase 1.630 mm
  • Inside turning radius 1.500 mm
  • Ground clearance 180 mm
  • Steering system Wheel steering
  • Lifting gear Double scissors
  • Drive Three-phase motor 24V 3kW
  • Batterie 24 V – 390 Ah Torch batterie
  • Weight lifting platform 1.780 kg

Lifting platform

  • Lenght 2.000 mm
  • Width (closed drawers) 1.300 mm (opt. 1.200 mm)
  • Max. width (closed railings) 2.400 mm (opt. 2.300 mm)
  • Retected working height 1.050 mm
  • Max.working height 2.700 mm

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