AMP Sprayers

AMP Sprayers

- Sprayer


Capacity of 1100, 1500 or 1900 liters. Ergonomic design, practical and modern. Standard hitch of category 3. New drain tank without fittings to ensure a residual volume of the lowest in its category. High capacity tank for cleaning. Cleaning system. High capacity suction filter. Two 3 ways valves in the suction line. Diaphragm pumps, 60-135 l.m. Polypropylene Turbine pumps, 400 l.m. Electric pumps 12 v.c.c. 13 to 35 l.m. Internal mixing system controllable by model. Stainless steel screws.

  • CPAE regulation.
  • CPAE regulation for 12V pump.
  • ISO-BUS regulation.
  • GPS guidance with automatic boom sections.
  • Electronic jauge with pressure sensor.
  • Hydraulic pumps.
  • Section filters.
  • Automatic cleaning system.
  • Automatic filling system.
  • Stabilizing feet.
  • Road lighting.
  • Two three ways valves for external services

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