FSX Equipment Inc.

FSX Equipment Inc.

- Model TrapBurner - Low - Medium Volume Thermal DPF Regenerator


Now Includes 9' Extension Ring & Safety Lid Latch. 1 Out Of 8 Filters: Due to the effectivness of our pnuematic cleaning program, only 1 out of 8 filters require a thermal regeneration to burn off any remaining soot deeply set in the ceramic cell walls. Controlled Regeneration: Our thermal process uses ambient air while heating. Carefully programmed to deliver just the right amount of heat. No air being pumped though the filter reduces the risk of cracking the filter or causing thermal stress. 100% of soot is burned off during the thermal regeneration in the TrapBlaster.

  • The TrapBurner Thermal Cleaner provides a programmed, regulated thermal regeneration of troublesome filters without cracking or damage.
  • OEM Specified Program: Stair-step temperature gradient matches OEM specifications.
  • Low to medium volume users, the TrapBurner can process 1 DPF (2 DPF w/ Rack) every 12 hours
  • TrapBurner is easily expandable with our optional Extension Ring and Internal Filter Rack. Fully configured the TrapBurner can process up to 3 standard size class 8 filters every 24 hours, or a larger filter up to 39' long.
  • Top loading for use with overhead crane
  • Simple and reliable; uses only ambient air
  • Automatic Lid Lock for safety
  • Cycle time typically 9 hours; allow 12 with cooling

UL Listed, 208V-240V & 480V
3-phase; or 240v single

42” H x 34” W x 23” ID x 27” Deep

330 lbs


18” from walls on concrete floor


FSX TrapTongs:
Prevents back strain or injury when lifting filters up to 75 lbs. Use with an overhead crane or jib hoist.

Two DPF Capacity Expansion Filter Rack:
Allows processing of 2 filters (no longer than 17”) at a time in the TrapBurner.

Three DPF Capacity Expansion Extension Ring & Filter Rack:
Extends TrapBurner to allow 3 filters (no longer than 17”) to be processed simultaneously or to process larger filters up to 40” long.

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