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- Model CX - Aspirating Aerator



The  FUCHS  CENTROX Aerator is used to introduce oxygen into wastewater lagoons, activated sludge plants and equalization basins. It provides for fine-bubble aeration as well as circulation and thorough mixing of the wastewater. Due to functional design and good workmanship it is a sturdy, reliable and almost maintenance-free machine. The CENTROX Aerator basically consists of an air-cooled, vertically mounted TEFC motor with drip cover, base plate, drive shaft, suction pipe with diffuser resp. suction funnel and an impeller with curved blades at the immersed end. The base plate of the CENTROX Aerator is fixed to a catwalk or to the framework of a flotation.

  • Long service life due to highest quality components und highest quality standards
  • Low maintenance, no bearings and seals in the submerged part of the aerator
  • Low noise level
  • No spray water, no operation problems due to cooling in winter, no odors
  • Low weight - easy handling

Aerated Lagoons
Fresh air and plenty of activity with FUCHS Aerators

Equalization Basins
Keep it fresh and mix it with well-proven FUCHS Aerators

  • Aspirating aerator with efficient oxygen transfer rate for wastewater lagoons, activated sludge basins and equalization basins
  • Gentle mixing and aeration with a machine combining a vertical shaft and a specially designed propeller
  • Applied in brand new plants or for retrofitting and upgrading existing plants
  • Optional combination with FUCHS OXYSTAR Aerators optimizes mixing and oxygen transfer
  •  Aerator makes excellent part of almost any wastewater treatment plant due to versatile installation options
    • in tanks with varying water level and on lagoons on sturdy flotations 
    • or with individually adjusted mounting brackets for fixing at a bridge
  • Available with all IEC motor sizes from 0.75 kW to 15.0 kW 

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