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Fugesco Inc.

- Seal Water Control Panel


The seal water control panel is designed to regulate the flow and pressure of water supply to the seal. Water is injected into the seal at a higher pressure than the turbine pressure. A pressure differential must be kept at all times.  This system can be semi-automatic or totally automated for use in remote locations.  By using a seal water control panel you can save up to 50% on water consumption and prolong life of the sealing elements.


The seal air control panel is designed to regulate the air pressure into the inflatable seal.

Air is injected into the inflatable seal, that inflates and seals against the stationary shaft/ sleeve while mechanical seals are being serviced, thereby eliminating the necessity to dewater the turbine.

After service is completed, before unit start-up, the seal air control panel sends a signal and the inflatable seal is deflated allowing the shaft to rotate freely.

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