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Full Aeration Floor



The full aeration bottoms of Bintec form the basis in literally, so that can be aerated reasonable in a silo and dried. This ventilation system forms an even, horizontal silo bottom, allows the use of Fegeschnecken for emptying of the silo and is retrofitted without great effort, in existing silos.

The full aeration floor is composed of floor panels, which are interconnected by a click system is easy to handle. The complete system is available for corn and grain at 2.4 mm perforation for suction and for rape with 1.3 mm perforations. Thus, the optimum air passage rate is guaranteed for each cereal. The grain-tight seal for the silo wall also form perforated segment sheets. Thus, dead corners are avoided, maximum ventilation surface is present. The complete aeration floor resting on supports which are designed so that they offer as little air resistance. For ventilating air is blown under the floor panels, which then flows through the grain upwardly.

In combination of the full-aerating base of grain distribution, ventilation fans and a warehouse management system from Bintec safe cooling, ventilation and drying of grain in the silo is thus possible in a simple way. And with maximum efficiency and safety, while sparing the grain.

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