Trans Environmental Systems, Inc. (TESI)

Trans Environmental Systems, Inc. (TESI)

Full Closeable Collector System


This is our ultimate in spill containment for railroad tank car top loading or unloading under pressure operations. This model comes with a center pan that is positioned between the rails and two side pans immediately outboard of the rails. When in the open position with the side pan flaps extended, this model will protect an area 11 ft. 3-6 inches wide by either 10, 20, or 30 ft. in length. All pans have factory installed, plugged NPT coupling hubs on the ends so that they can be piped to drain into auxiliary large volume containment if required. When the two outboard pans are piped together with the 20 ft. center pan, this system may self-contain up to 500 gallons of liquid*.

Federal EPA regulations, in particular 40 CFR 112, require that transfer of all oil products (including vegetable and animal) will be done over spill containments that have the capability of handling the full volume of the tankcar or other delivery vessel. The regulation does not say that this “full volume” containment must be immediately under the tankcar spur track and no rate of flow drainage from this collector is stated in the requirements. When evaluating track pans size and positions, the rate of flow from the actual collection pan to the “full volume” containment or the immediately adjacent track pans should be examined. Other manufacturers of open sheet track pans may use 1″ NPT nipple and boiler nut interconnection methods. TESI uses the largest size available within the given height of the railroad rails. This is a minimum of 2″ NPT and in the case of the end units, two, 3″ NPT coupling hub are supplied at each end for drainage connection.

In selecting track containment pans for ethanol or other highly ignitable liquids loading or unloading, a number of factors need to be considered. First of all, plastic or fiberglass track pans age very quickly under sun UV exposure in about three to five years. The ethanol only assists in the extraction of the “sticknosity” of the fiberglass resins and the plastics. Another major safety consideration is the fact that ethanol ignites easily and burns with a near invisible flame. The local firefighters will tell you about its danger. For this reason, the track pans and the tank car must be electro-statically grounded to eliminate any spark opportunity. Trans Environmental Systems, Inc, TESI, track pans are made of steel and have built-in grounding lugs on both ends of each track pan for attaching to a grounding grid. You’ll want to check with local fire and electrical codes. Both plastic and fiberglass are excellent insulators, not conductors, therefore they cannot be grounded. If a track pan on which ethanol or other ignitable chemical has been released starts to burn, and you have selected cheap open plastic pans or FRP (fiber reinforced plastic-resin) pans, the pans will burn up, too. With Trans Environmental Systems, Inc. track pans with the rolling raincover, the fire dept. can just roll the lid closed and extinguish the blaze quickly.

The slightly ridged, rolling lids on the center pan are made of 3/16″ diamond plate deck material and are reinforced to support two people, yet they only require a few pounds of pull to be opened. They can be locked in the closed position with lynch pins, and can be opened completely for cleaning as needed. During inclement weather they need only be opened immediately under the danger area. The side pans have patented, hinged flip-flap lids that close over the pans when not in use, which greatly reduces the amount of rainwater, snow and debris that is collected. Once the tank car is chocked, the flip-flap lids swing open to deflect any spills that might land upon the head of the rails, or the small area between the track pans and the rails.

All assembly and mounting hardware is supplied. The pans simply lag bolt down to existing railroad ties. It can be put into service within a few hours of delivery and can be later relocated by maintenance staff when plant operations change. Each unit is fabricated to exact ‘top of rail’ measurement to provide the maximum self-containing capacity yet remain safely within railroad safety clearance standards. With special engineering, these rolling lid track pans pan be positioned end-to-end to accommodate longer containment requirements. Individual center pans or side pans without flip-flaps are available.

* for tracks less than 7.0 inches ‘top of rail’, the 20-ft. full pans system, when piped together with the two side pans will hold less than 500 gallons.

U.S. Patent #5,435,458

  • 10 ft., 20 ft. lengths (can be combined to make longer collector areas)
  • Center Pan lids roll out on a guide rail system. Side pans have hinged deflector flip-flaps that close over as lids.
  • Easy to install, Lag bolts directly down to railroad ties. No track modification is needed.
  • One, three pan system per Tank car loading or unloading position.
  • Modifications: Enlarged end drains or bottom drains, multi-pan connections for longer area coverage.
  • Model Available in Materials and coatings to Meet Most Every Chemical Exposure:
  • Mild Steel with Epoxy Coating
  • Mild Steel with Acid Resistant Coating
  • Cor-Ten Steel
  • Stainless Steel

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