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- Steels Tank



Taking into account growing steels of requiring furnaces as for the quality, the type of fuel and ecological conditions, we offer a whole range of furnaces to a liquid, gas and solid fuel about the power from 300 up to 2500 kW. These furnaces are intended for the cooperation with roofed driers, drum driers or other devices of this type, where the heater of warm air is required. Furnaces are adapted to the assembly in the open air, they have the insulated outlet interceptor of warm air, the outlet chimney of combustion gasses and the special flop explosion relief. A made combustion chamber is exchangeable of high-quality steel and heatproof.

For furnaces to a solid fuel we offer feeding stoker being organising which for the assignment powering the furnace has drum driers into an essential solid fuel. Giving is held with the help of the driven auger through motoreductor. We offer two types of stocker: rectangular and round. Depending on needs the productivity is being adapted to tasks for feeding stocker.

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