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GAH Global

- Compact Industrial Waste and Sewage Waste Pre-Treatment Station



Pre Cleaning Mechanisms and Equipments for Sewage Waste - Industrial - Agriculture and Nature Preservation Plants All Structures and parts are manufactured completely in Stainless Steel AISI 304L.

  • Pre-treatment of sewage wastewater
  • Pre-treatment of septic tank sludge


Dissolved air flotation is used for the separation of particles, fat, oil and grease from water or wastewater. Micro-bubbles are generated and attached to the surface of such matter. Due to their increased buoyancy, the aggregates of solids and air bubbles float to the water surface where they form a scum layer which is skimmed off.

Mechanical and chemical pre-treatment
The influent should be well screened before the DAF and in most cases also chemical pre-treatment of the influent may is necessary to achieve good separation. pH adjustment, coagulation and flocculation may be required to form well separable flocks.

Micro-bubbles production and influent feeding
The influent to be treated is mixed with micro-bubbles of 20 to 40 microns diameter. These micro-bubbles are produced inside the unit by specific diffusers and directly attached to the flocculated influent.

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