GAH Global

GAH Global

- Sand Separator & Sand Wash System



How it works: The mixture of water/sand come to the upper part of the container. The floating particles are separated at the surface by a submerge plate, these are carried with the mean of a snail mechanism and are dismissed together with the carped solids and the sand almost dry to the disposal container. The clean water by overflow come out from the side of the container.

  • Great attribution degree
  • Low energy consumption
  • Safety in operation
  • Maintenance free

Technical characteristics:

  • Type: SK-320
  • Capability 20l/s (72 m3/h)
  • Water surface 3,0 m2
  • Water volume 1,8 m3 aprox.
  • Sand outlet 1,5 m3/h
  • Power supply 0,37 kW

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