- Model 3690 - Small Square Balers


Gallignani 3690 square baler has established itself over the years among the best selling models in its category worldwide, thanks to ease of use, performance and accessibility for farmers. This baler is ideal for small and medium size and is available with both twine and steel wire knotter. The 3690 model produces dense and well-formed bales, preserving forage quality and fully meeting the requirements for animal feeding. In addition to offering the very best in terms of value and performance ratio, the 3690 is now equipped with new fiberglass panels for a modern design and clear differentiation from its competitors.

PICKUPtc basic
The pickup “Large” measures 1.70 meters to ensure optimal picking and collection. The belt drive transmission creates a constant flow, while the safety shear bolt prevents breakage in case of overload. The special curved tines in high strength steel make the difference in the collection of a greater quantity of product, preserving stems and leaves rich in nutrients.

The tines are optimally protected by steel bands. The width of collection of the pickup can be increased thanks to the special deflector with adjustable spring. A pickup tyre can be added to 3690 square balers to be particularly effective on difficult grounds and preserve the tines of the pickup in the best way.

The special supporting foot keeps the drawbar raised for a perfect parking of the machine. The stand is adjustable to be adapted to all ground conditions.

Higher productivity, less waste of time: thanks to the mechanical lifting of the pickup, it is possible to adjust the height of the pickup, adapting it to the condition of the ground without leaving the tractor: great for ease of use and saving time.

The wide inlet mouth of the baler, combined with synchronized movement of the pickup and forks, ensures optimal collection capacity with a constant flow of product, reducing the risk of overload.

A fluid and safe work: the flywheel of 55 cm in diameter and 85 kg in weight ensures smooth and firm power transmission to the machine. The baler and tractor safety is guaranteed by the shear bolt on the flywheel and the clutch on the shaft drive.

The two cranks, which are driven by a chain drive can be adjusted manually by the operator, allow the passage of the product from the inlet to the compression chamber. In the event of overloading, the outer fork is protected by a shear bolt while the inner one benefits from an auto-reset spring system.

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