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- Hard Red Winter Wheat



New! For 2014 - High Yielding - Great Standing. Awned Variety. Area: 1,2,3,4. Suggested Seeding Rate: 150 lbs/acre (1.6 million seeds/acre).

  • Growing Area: Suited to All winter wheat growing areas
  • Yield: Great Yields on Loam Soils - Gallus and Priesley are the Yield leaders in the class
  • Maturity: Mid Maturity.
  • Height: Short.
  • Lodging: Excellent.
  • Disease Resistance: Excellent leaf disease and fusarium tolerance
  • Unique Feature: Has excellent protein levels. Is Short, and Stands well, and Yields well!
  • 103 yield index in midwestern Ontario over 3 years, 108 Yield index in Eastern Ontario

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