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- Model GMWR-25-SP - Mini Weather Radar



The GMWR-25-SP is the most cost-effective X-Band Doppler Weather Radar designed for reliable operation ranges of minimum 50 km up to 150 km.

Modern Technology

The GMWR-25-SP systems use the most up to date DOPPLER technology available for magnetron radar systems, including:

  • Stable proven design concept, ship radar used in large quantity all over the world
  • Magnetron transmitter
  • Fully solid state modulator and power supplies
  • Integrated low noise receiver front end
  • ENIGMA IV – Digital signal processor-receiver
  • The GMWR-25-SP is the ONLY small transportable weather radar on the market, which provides DOPPLER wind velocity measurement function!

Better Performance

The low noise integrated receiver front end combined with a digital Doppler signal processor-receiver provides superior magnetron frequency and phase stability. Digital Doppler velocity measurement is the benefit is more accurate velocity data, and better ground clutter cancellation.

Less Ground and Sea Clutter

Velocity based clutter filters, based on Pulse-Pair, FFT- and DFT- algorithms, in conjunction with the DIGITAL COHO function which “phase locks” to the magnetron over the full radar range, provide 30 dB or better clutter rejection.

More Reliable

The GMWR-25-SP family of radars use a stable well proven design, with a minimum number of components, and are fully solid state (with the exception of the magnetron tube). Hardware maintenance can be performed by any local technical service experienced in ship radar maintenance.

Low Investment and Operating Cost

The stable, well proven design using standard ship radar components, adds up to a system with very low investment and small operating costs.

Available Options Protect Investment

GMWR-25-SP mounted on a bus

Available options allow upgrading to meet future requirements, protecting todays investment:

  • TV interface and graphics system provides broadcast quality radar and weather graphics images. Images can also be sent to Internet web server.
  • Hydrological analysis software provides full analysis product generation capability including volume scan products and hydro – meteorological rainfall analysis.
  • Antenna of the X-Band GMWR-25-SP
  • 1,2 m splash blade antenna 1.8° pencil beam
  • Antenna and pedestal are typically mounted on
    • a stationary tower
    • a vehicle
    • on self-erecting hydraulic mast

GMWR-25 Family Of Radar Systems

The GMWR-25 is a cost effective, short-range Doppler weather radar designed for operation range of 50 to 100 km. It includes the Enigma IV digital receiver and signal processor which provides PPI type rapid scan and analysis products of scientific quality and accuracy.

The GMWR-25 radar systems can be configured also to meet virtually any operational weather radar requirement.

Sensitivity in Range

GMWR-25-SP Sensitivitiy

The graph shows the sensitivity of the GMWR-25-SP magnetron radar out to 150 km range. These sensitivity calculations assume:

  • 1,2m dish antenna
  • 25 kW pulse power
  • 1,8 degree (AZ x EL) antenna beam width
  • 3 different pulse lengths

Proven Reliability, Low Risk of the GMWR-25-SP Family

  • COTS – very low technical risk
  • Magnetron technology – cost effective, proven reliability
  • Solid state modulator – reliable, no thyratrons to replace
  • Virtually maintenance free pedestal – Long life DC servo motors, low mass antenna
  • Integrated front end receiver – minimizes complex setup and calibration adjustments
  • DOPPLER digital receiver – provides wind measurement and clutter suppression
  • Digital signal processor – more accurate velocity data for superior ground clutter rejection
  • Available options – assure ability to meet future needs, protecting todays investment

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