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Garden Water Pipes


Life Irrigation uses superior quality garden water pipes such as the Sportspro 10-12.5 Bar MDPE that are used for the main structure of the system and normally laid underground, as well as LDPE pipes that are made from recycled plastic and the EcoDrip™ drip irrigation pipes which are ideal for any irrigation project.

Unlike traditional rubber porous pipe that delivers unregulated water, EcoDrip™ has built in drippers at 30cm spacing that distribute 1.75 litres per hour per drip. It also has a diameter of 16mm and is anti-syphon and UV resistant.

The Ecodrip pipes have two holes at each built in dripper point which enables one hole to be positioned away from the soil. For further information, please click on the link for our drip irrigationpage or visit the EcoDrip™ website for a more detailed description.

Surface laid pipes
normally 4 bar, either 16mm or 20mm, used to irrigate flower beds via micro sprinklers or as part of the Ecodrip system.

MDPE/HDPE pipes normally 10 or 12 bar, used as part of the main structure of the system and also to connect to underground pop up sprinklers and to the manifold set.

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