Model PA201 - Research Photoacoustic Gas Cell For Laser Sources



Gasera's PA201 custom gas cell is designed for laboratory measurements and it can be easily tailored for different types of light sources such as the near infrared distributed feedback laser (DFB), the quantum cascade laser (QCL) and the optical parametric oscillator (OPO). Laser photoacoustic spectroscopy (LPAS) is highly attractive method for trace gas analysis due to the high sensitivity, linearity, and low sample gas volume. Tunable laser sources provide high selectivity and high measurement accuracy due to the zero background nature of the measurement principle.


General features

  • Gas cell, stabilized to 50 Celsius temperature
  • The measurement pressure can be selected between 300 mbar - 1000 mbar.
  • Patented ultra-sensitive optical microphone based on a MEMS cantilever sensor coupled with a laser interferom- eter to measure microscopic movement of the cantilever sensor
  • Specialized cell design for vibrational noise attenuation
  • Low gas volume (total gas volume of the system is approx. 30 ml)
  • Real-time DSP (digital signal processing) unit for providing an analog and digital output signal proportional to the cantilever movement. Analog signal is connected with BNC output connectors and digital signal uses USB.
  • Measurement software for data aquisition via USB
  • Three gas connections. The sample gas has two connections, one for input and one for output. The input is equipped with a particle filter.
  • Nitrogen purge for measurement compartment
  • The gas exchange procedure is user configurable by a simple user interface with display and buttons. The gas exchange can be started manually with a press of a button or the controller can be programmed to do it automatically using timer or an external trigger.
  • Documentation on the measurement principle and the DSP module
  • Documented instructions on how to use the PA gas cell and the DSP unit


  • Detection limit: Gas and light source dependent. Typically in the ppb -region with NIR diode lasers and ppt-region with MIR quantum cascade lasers.
  • Optical path length: 100 mm at optical axis
  • Repeatability: < 1 % of measured value in operational conditions at the calibration concentration (light source dependent)

Sales Package Content

  • PA201 photoacoustic gas detector
  • Optical cantilever microphone
  • DSP module
  • Gas exchange controller module
  • Required cables and parts for connecting the modules
  • Power supply units
  • Measurement software for data acquisition via USB
  • Connector socket for optical fiber
  • User Manual
  • Storage case

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