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- Model CMM - Continuous Mercury Monitoring System



Gasmet Continuous Mercury Monitoring system CMM offers TÜV and MCERTS certified solution (QAL1) for measuring mercury continuously from hot, wet and corrosive gas streams. Gasmet CMM has the lowest certified range in the world (0-5 µg/m3). Gasmet CMM consists of dilution probe, heated sample line, Gasmet mercury analyzer and Gasmet test gas generator. Heated dilution probe with a two-stage blowback system ensures the durability and low maintenance of the system even in demanding conditions.

Gasmet mercury analyzer is based on Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence (CVAF) measurement principle, which offers the highest sensitivity in the world. Thanks to the CVAF technology and Gasmet design, continuous and precise measurement with no need for sample pre-concentration is achieved. The integrated thermal converter converts all mercury compounds to elemental mercury to measure total gaseous mercury.

System is fully automatic, and the automatic calibrations are done at user defined intervals. System settings can be accessed from the easy-to-use Mercury Analyzer User Interface (MAUI).

Gasmet CMM has excellent annual availability, and there is always local technical service and support available.

  • Lowest certified range in the world
  • EN 15267 certified
  • Online results
  • Quick response
  • Excellent annual availability
  • 3-month maintenance interval
  • Fully automatic system
  • Future-proof with the highest sensitivity in the market
  • Worldwide technical service & support

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