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Gasmet DX4040, the portable gas analyzer, is the most compact ambient air FTIR analyzer in the world. The key features of the Gasmet DX4040 include a high sensitivity sample cell for lowest possible detection limits, true multicomponent capability and a built-in-pump, which means that there is no need to use a separate sampling system. The portable gas analyzer is also lightweight and battery powered providing unparalleled portability for such a powerful analyzer.

The DX4040 can be used to measure up to 50 components simultaneously and addition of new measurement parameters is easy, without any need of hardware changes. The sample cell is at ambient temperature providing low energy consumption for maximum battery life while also minimizing warm up time of the analyzer.

The analyzer can be operated by through Calcmet lite on a IP67 rated PDA (Personal digital assistant) with Bluetooth connection for maximum portability and ease of use. In challenging applications, the DX4040 can be operated with Calcmet Pro on a laptop computer providing the capability to analyze complex samples and identify unexpected compounds on the field.

Key Advantages

  • Portable and quick set-up
  • Battery operation
  • Wireless communication
  • Simultaneous measurement of all gases

Gasmet's DX4040 FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) gas analyzer can detect 25 different gases simultaneously with results in just 25 seconds. The DX4040 has a library of measurable gases that can be changed easily through the systems interface. It can also be used for VOCs, TICs, waste anesthetic gases and unknowns.

The DX4040 detects sub-ppm limits without the use of sorbent traps for sample pre-concentration. It can be calibrated with clean air or nitrogen; it does not need any carrier gases, special test gases or any other consumables.

The Gasmet DX4040 has a GICCOR interferometer that is shock and vibration resistant. The handheld computer is IP67 classified, with a large clear display, integrated GPS and digital camera for documenting measurement sites. The DX4040 also has wireless connectivity with WLAN and 3G network adapters.

This product is typically used in industrial hygiene areas and in emergency response situations.

Key Specifications

  • Measure 25 gases simultaneously
  • 200 gas library for identification and accurate analysis of gases in part-per-million concentrations
  • Response time is typically under 120 seconds, depending on the gas flow and measurement time
  • RS-232 serial or wireless Bluetooth communication between the analyzer and a handheld computer running Calcmet Lite software
  • Both battery and 230 VAC powered, with 2.5 hour battery life
  • If technician is required, hourly service rates will apply - call for details

  • Cost effective: no consumables, stable calibrations, low maintenance costs
  • Easy-to-use solution: single button operation and on screen instructions
  • Portability: battery operation and wireless communication
  • Rapidness: no sample preparation, shortest measuring time is only five seconds
  • Post-measurement analysis and unknown identification from huge Gasmet reference collection


Gasmet DX4040 is standard equipped with an IP67 rated PDA (Personal digital assistant) and Calcmet Lite software. Large touchscreen buttons and keypad are easy to use even in demanding field conditions. The communication between the analyzer module and PDA is wireless with Bluetooth protocol. Built-in GPS and digital camera can be used to link measurements to geographic coordinates and a photograph of emission site. All measured data is stored in PDA and can be sent as e-mail messages with the built-in 3G modem and Wireless LAN adapter. Calcmet Lite allows simultaneous analysis of 25 gases. The results are shown literally with a touch of a button on the screen of an industrial grade pda and can be easily transferred to a pc with usb connection.

Calcmet DX4040 Std

  • Gasmet Reference Library (250 gases)
  • Possibility to identify unknown compounds
  • Reconfiguration of PDA analysis settings for 25 gases

Calcmet DX4040 Pro

  • Possibility to measure 50 gases simultaneously with PC via RS-232 port
  • Gasmet Extended Reference Library including over 5000 gases
  • Identification of gas components using library search routine
  • Possibility to use NIST library
  • Single user licence protected with HASP USB key

Watertight protective transit case

Additional battery and desktop charger

  • Gasmet Smart battery has charge indicator LED's and further diagnostics can be done via USB cable from the charger. Battery can be charged both inside the analyzer and via separate charger.

  • Industrial hygiene - Workplace Air Quality measurement of volatile organic compounds for regulatory compliance testing
  • Hospitals - Anesthetic gases, sterilzer gases, laboratory solvents
  • Leak detection - VOC's, Freons, inorganic gases etc.
  • Fumigants - Detection of residual fumigants in cargo sea containers
  • Soil gas measurements - Identification of chlorinated hydrocarbons and BTEX at remediation sites
  • First responders & HAZMAT teams - Identification and quantification of Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) and Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs)

General Parameters

  • Measuring principle: Fourier transform infrared, FTIR
  • Performance: Simultaneous analysis of up to 25 gas compounds (PDA), 50 gas compounds with optional Calcmet software
  • Response time, T90: Typically < 120 s, depending on the gas flow and measurement time
  • Operating temperature:
    • Ambient temperature
    • Short term 0 – 40 °C
    • Long term 5 – 30 °C
    • Non-condensing
  • Storage temperature: 10 – 35 °C, non condensing
  • Shipping temperature: -20 – 45 °C during 12 hours, non condensing
  • Power supply: 115 / 230 VAC
  • Battery functioning time: Approximately 2.5 hour operation time with Bluetooth ON (dependant of ambient temperature).


  • Resolution: 8 cm-1
  • Scan frequency: 10 scans / s
  • Detector: Peltier cooled MCT
  • Source: SiC, 1550 K
  • Beamsplitter: ZnSe
  • Window material: ZnSe
  • Wave number range: 900 - 4 200 cm-1

Sample Cell

  • Structure: Multi-pass, fixed path length 9.8 m
  • Material: 100 % rhodium coated aluminum
  • Mirrors: Fixed, protected gold coating
  • Volume: 0.4 liters
  • Temperature: Ambient

Measuring parameters

  • Zero point calibration: 24 hours
  • Zero point drift: < 2 % of measuring range per zero point calibration interval
  • Sensitivity drift: None
  • Linearity deviation: < 2 % of measuring range
  • Temperature drifts: < 2 % of measuring range per 10 K temperature change
  • Pressure influence: 1 % change of measuring value for 1 % sample pressure change. Ambient pressure changes measured and compensated.

Electrical connectors

  • Digital Interface: Bluetooth protocol & RS-232
  • The analyzer is connected to a PDA with Bluetooth connection (RS-232 optional). The PDA provides the analysis results.
  • Option: Sample spectra transfer to laptop (PC) for additional analytical capabilities

Gas inlet and outlet conditions

  • Gas temperature: Ambient temperature (0 – 50 °C), non-condensing
  • Gas filtration: Filtration of particulates included in the sample probe
  • Sample gas pressure: Ambient
  • Sample pump: Flow ~1.5 l/min, for ambient air only


  • A/D converter: Dynamic range 95 dB
  • Signal processor: 32-bit floating point DSP

Analysis software (PDA)

  • Operating system: Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
  • Analysis software: Calcmet Lite


  • Software: Calcmet software with DX4040 Pro key. Laptop PC + Windows XP required. For more information read Calcmet Technical data.

Additional information

  • Enclosure: Polyurethane
  • Weight: 13.8 kg (with battery)
  • 12.4 kg (without battery)
  • CE label: According to EMI guideline 89/336/EC

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