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Gator Clamp



The Gator Clamp is designed to make an electrical bond to the metal shield of plastic sheath cables. Sheath tabbing on cables in excess of 1' OD. is not required. Simply insert the base plate, attach the ground strap, bar or bonding braid and tighten with a system approved wrench. As the clamp is tightened the teeth of the top and bottom plates insure a positive grip into the cable. Two kepnuis are provided to prevent the clamp from loosening after the initial installation.

  • Exceeds Bellcore specification for current surge protection
  • Meets Bellcore 'Use and Reuse7' requirements
  • To protect against galvanic reation, all clamp components are made from similar metals and tin plated
  • Individually packaged for ease of handling and storing
  • Comes standard with 2 nuts
  • A plastic shoe is available upon request

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