- Model H.D. - Biodegradable Microbial Industrial Cleaner



Non-Toxic  Non-Flammable  Biodegradable MICROBIAL INDUSTRIAL CLEANER. Gator Wash H.D. is a unique blend of natural surface active ingredients that promote the wetting, solubilization and emulsification of various types of organic chemicals. The naturally occurring microbes are dormant until hydrated in the Gator Wash H.D.® solution. Once hydrated, the microbes enhance Gator Wash H.D.® to transform harmful compounds into non-toxic by-products.

  • Non-toxic, non-flammable and biodegradable
  • Accelerates biodegradation of hydrocarbons
  • Environmentally safe and cost effective
  • Replaces detergent, citrus and caustic cleaners

PAPER MILLS and otter process industries Use in stream cleaners, pressure washers, wash racks, parts washers and oil/water separators. HEAVY EQUIPMENT – Oil field equipment, engine blocks, heavy equipment with extra heavy grease deposits. MARITIME. Use to clean bilge and for Bunker “C” type fuel oil. AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY. Used to steam clean engines and parts washers. FLEET MAINTENANCE COMPANIES. Use to steam clean engines, in parts washers and oil/water separators. Recommended for any cleaning application that will flow into an oil/water separator.

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